A Prayer For Worship Leaders

A Prayer For Worship Leaders

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you today, acknowledging that you are the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and sovereign over all. I acknowledge that you are God and that I am not. Father I lay my trespasses at your feet. I lay down my pride and my insecurities. I lay down my need to please and my desire for praise, for I know that all praise belongs to you alone.

Father I pray that you take me back to the moment where I met you first. Take me back to the moment where I understood that you already knew me, and that you alone were my salvation.

Father I pray that you remind me of my humble beginnings, the moments where I did not and could not impress anybody, but rather just wanted to be in your presence. 

Teach me to lead humbly, and to be a worshipper before anything else. I pray for more of you and less of me.

There are two things that I know: that I am needy, and that the praise of your name is a beautiful sound. So Lord, as I come to you on bended knee, accept my broken offering of worship, and fill me with your presence, so that I may have the strength to continue praising your name. 

In Jesus’ name,


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