My Glory, Not Yours

My Glory, Not Yours

A Dream Bigger Than Yourself

I do not claim to speak for God, nor do I claim that God has spoken direct revelation to me. But through my prayer time, and through my silent moments with the Lord, I was inspired with these words, imagining that this would be something resembling the other side of the conversation that I was having with my father. 

This little note is something deeply personal to me as a product of time with my father but I figured I’d share it with you in hopes that you would also be comforted and encouraged by it. 

Here it is:

“Dare to dream- think bigger than just being known or famous or self sufficient. Think about revival- a bible in the hands of the incarcerated or the persecuted in a far away country. Think about My word resonating through the walls of a building. Don’t think personal goals. Think with a kingdom mind. To think big in the upside down kingdom, you have to think small. Think about the heart of your neighbor, of that auntie or cousin that you love so much- think about them coming to faith and living in faithfulness- that is what I’ll multiply; not the brand deals or the Pinterest boards or the polished pretty things. It’s the things that you are afraid of right now that I will make you fearless in, take you to, and declare my victory over. That is the kind of victory, the kind of “big” that I want you to think and dream about. 

It’s my glory, not yours.

Remember that there is a difference between successful and being significant in this world. No amount of fame, notoriety, or followers will ever equate to a heart that has been saved and transformed for my glory. You playing a role in that is significant- the rest is just ashes in the wind. Don’t get caught up in it- lay it all down. 

Put your feet down to earth, and your head in heaven.

Lay it all down and pick. Up your cross. I hold your life and I hold your future- don’t you worry, it is good- Good far beyond your wildest dreams.”


Your Father

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